Pleasing Professor: When After Class Doesn’t Exist (( Taboo, Teacher Student Romance, Workplace Erotica, Risky ))

Pleasing Professor: When After Class Doesn’t Exist (( Taboo, Teacher Student Romance, Workplace Erotica, Risky ))

>> BONUS BOOKs & BONUS OPPORTUNITY INSIDE << WARNING: Mature Readers Only – This Book Contains Taboo Adult Content. College studies can be difficult. Classes are often long, and can even be mind numbing when listening to the same monotone voice However, when your professor is young, good looking and charismatic it is much harder to find a reason to fall asleep. Clara has the best of both worlds, a genuine interest in the subject and a physical attraction to the professor. However, she knows the effect it can have on her studies, and her future prospects. It is going to take more than one look from Professor Jones to convince her that it is worth it. Gradually, he wears down her defenses; leaving her no option but to try what he is offering. Clara takes a dip and despite her good intention loves the thrill of a relationship held in secret; with the constant risk of being discovered. It quickly becomes a regular occurrence for her to disappear during class. Their illicit relationship is passionate and fun; introducing her to more risk than she had thought she could handle. However, all is not as it seems, in an effort to protect her friend, Clara’s best friend Sylvie takes a visit to Professor Jones office. Her startling discovery is about to transform the lives of more people than just Clara. Ready for an adventure? Secure Your Copy Today!

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ROMANCE: Billionaire Obsession: OBSESSING (Book 6) (An Alpha Billionaire Romance Series)


Introducing OBSESSING, book six in the hot and sexy 8 part, Billionaire Obsession series, by romance writing sensation Victoria Vance…

Twenty-one-year old Chloe Noon expects many things when she starts her new personal assistant job: frequent coffee runs, schedule juggling, and a high amount of stress. She does not expect to become dangerously obsessed with her mysterious and enigmatic boss, billionaire CEO Simon Peterson.

No one can deny the allure of Simon. He is charismatic, powerful, irresistibly good looking, and exudes confidence like no other. But Simon has many secrets which he closely guards. One being his obsession with “good girls” like Chloe and the rush that he gets from having complete domination…and administering punishment.

Soon they are caught up in a game of passion, desire, and seduction. After introducing Chloe to his dark fantasy world, she begins craving more of the pain Simon inflicts on her. But while this game progresses and Chloe is pushed past her sexual limits, her undeniable infatuation develops into true feelings. Unfortunately with her tumultuous past still haunting her, now is not a convenient time to open up to Simon.

What Chloe doesn’t know is that Simon has a tumultuous past of his own. As their love affair develops, Simons deepest secrets come close to surfacing. But being only a hair’s breath away from pulling the dust sheet from a life he’d left behind, is a dangerous line to walk. Even if he can protect Chloe, will the monster within force her away?

Follow along and see how things transpire in this steamy page turner.

*A hot and sexy alpha billionaire romance, perfect for fans of Cassie Cross, J.S. Scott, Kelly Favour, Hannah Ford, and E L James*

** Packed with bonuses such as 20+ FREE short stories for a limited time + character profiles. **

WARNING: This book contains mature themes and language. Intended for 18+ readers only.

Tags: alpha billionaire romance series, office romance, alpha male romance, modern contemporary romance, hot steamy romance, bbw romance, fun sexy mature young adult short stories, new adult collections & anthologies, older man younger woman romance

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Mysterious Erotica With A Stranger

He was in front of me,  standing near a man I didn’t know. I was freaked out, I did not understand what was going on. I asked him who this person was, he replied my friend, as I’ll give at our games in my scenarios. I couldn’t believe no he do this, without telling me before, I didn’t believe, I thought it was a joke, he couldn’t do that. But he looked really serious. When I realized it was real I wanted to run, then I going, it was what he wanted and I had often fantasized about a meeting of this kind and it was to happen, and here I was panicking.

I didn’t know what I had to do how to react, but I stayed, I didn’t want to disappoint him.

I was trying to gather my thoughts, maybe this sedative made me delirious, maybe that I was simply dreaming, his voice woke me up for good, he asked me to direct me to them 4 legs to their tails, yes he said ‘come take our cocks’, these are his words. But I was paralyzed, I advanced, with what strength, I don’t know, I was moving my head down, I was ashamed to have to move as well, especially in front of his friend, the man I didn’t know, he asked me to raise my head and watch their members who were already very hard, I did not, I could not It is therefore repeated and I obey. Arrival at their height he asked that I start taking the sex of his friend in my mouth, it helped me pressing my head, he disengaged my long hair behind which I was trying to hide.

I have taken hus cock in the mouth and he leaned so hard on my head that it broke away, too far into my mouth, I had a high heart that the amused and he did it again, tears rode me to the eyes, man him groaned and said that my mouth was good, and he began to perform movements with his, basin, he walked came out of my mouth with a faster pace, then suddenly, he asked me to take his, his cock, leaving his friend on his hunger, I was happy to change and finally having the sex of my lover, but the pace was not slowing down, but my desire to give him pleasure, was good in me , now, in contrast with his friend, so I applied myself with all my strength to satisfy.

He asked me if I liked this situation, if I liked the way he treated me, I did not, I could not, I was ashamed to love what he made me live, he made the tour passed behind me, and then introduced his hand in my pants, and then in my panties, and the – he put a finger to the entrance to my sex and cried ‘of course you do, you’re already soaked’, he introduced a finger that he came out full of my pleasure, he put it in my mouth, asked me to clean it up, his friend wide-eyed did not lose a crumb of the scene which he attended. He went in front of me next to her friend. At the point where I don’t expect, at the time I was wondering what was going to be then, I received a slap in the face, I think I had never received on his part a slap too strong. Was it because I had taken in the mouth of his friend? Yet it was he who commanded me.

I didn’t know what to think, but until I have time to continue my internal thoughts, he asked me to take the sex of the man in my mouth in strangling me another slap. While my mouth resumed his work on the Member of the stranger, he stood behind me, lowered my pants suddenly dry, and I felt a burning pain on my right buttock, was burning me, a growing warmth was spreading on the place where he had to use his whip. The slap in the face, never it doesn’t have worked me in a violent way. As if the situation made him more and more crazy, crazy to see me give pleasure to another, or even to see that myself I took, yet… the juices that flowed from my pussy had to betray me… but this pleasure that I felt it was for him, and it came from him, not another man, it’s him, my lover, which made my burning desire sex.

And yet the blows of whips continued to rain down on my butt, it hurt very badly, but I didn’t give in, by pride, and I didn’t want to disappoint him, with his friend sex in my mouth I struggled, screaming. He asked suddenly, if this him, would like to take me! The man replied through affirmative, but my love issued a condition, this could take me, but only sodomizing me. He wanted to keep for him only the feeling of my pussy dripping with desire for him. I couldn’t believe it, a whole bunch of images paraded in my head, that was trying to accept, any s chained has speed, I managed more nothing. His friend placed her, sex at the entrance to this small entry, I was afraid of getting hurt, is there take, bad. And I suddenly felt his hard Member sinking in me, in this place if sensitive, I had a feeling he was going to rip me, I had bad, normally when my lover takes me so I caress myself at the same time so that the pain is less strong, and over time this pain disappears to leave room for the pleasure but with his friend I I defy him I didn’t let myself go forward unless he asked me.

While this unknown sodomizes me, he slapped me, and waved his cock at me, he asked me what I was feeling but other screams I couldn’t answer on the other. He asked me: ‘ you feel you enough a bitch, pretty bitch took so? You saw, as I do, I want” then it quiet he stopped talking, he felt that his friend would enjoy, this one came at the end of his pleasure, he asked her to pull out of me and enjoy on my back and then to clean me. He has come in a rattle, I felt his warm sperm drip on my back, I couldn’t I was shaken, I took advantage of this moment of respite to recover a little, I heard my lover away only to return with something to clean, while his friend pulling out of my body the fruit of his enjoyment, he kissed me and told me I was perfect He was proud of me, I knew to show me docile as he wished, but that it was not over that he was now going to take care of me, as I deserved. He asked me to turn around, put me on the back. Once back I realized that his friend was gone, he had disappeared, I dreamed all this, had he ever been in this room with us?

I knew well or the reality was, while I was lost in my thoughts he had undertaken to tie me, and pulled his strings, they were spread out on the bed around me. He made sure my legs come together and touch, j was on the back, I could see it get busy around me. I knew what was waiting for me, he was already fastened so previously, hampered as he likes to say, I had already experienced this situation, which has probably influenced my current dream. I shuddered in advance, let me play, I like it when he takes care of me, so, I know he will do everything to make me attractive and desirable. Whatever the way in which he’ll take me, I love let me go to his imagination, follow your dreams.

So it was tying me legs with its strings, his face seemed focused, and in my thoughts, I was well, this quiet time allowed me to recover a little, then after a few moments I found myself both his legs bound, impossible to move except for folding them and bring back them to me, on my stomach. He asked me to address, above us was one, bed in mezzanine, I handed my legs and he fixed them, tied them to the bed so, that I find myself butt offered this first time, exactly like this time, legs in the air, or – he had tested the strings on me, I had loved to be taken as well, it is probably, for this reason, This came in my dream. I like to be so offered, helpless, at the mercy of his scripts. Once he was satisfied with the sound, ‘installation’, he turned around, as if he was looking for the best angle to play with me, to take me. From time to time he touched me, pinched me a nipple or else I received a slap on the butt, history probably to keep me awake.

I started to find the time, I was anxious that he decides to take me since his friend was gone I expect that him. But at the same time without warning, I felt trying to break me, my legs being tight, it was harder for him to penetrate me, but its Member ended up having successful and I finally felt in me, what a delight, I so wanted him, all my, lower abdomen began to boil.

EROTICA: MENAGE: Soldier And Ballerina (Military Stepbrother Suspense) (Romance Contemporary Short Stories)

EROTICA: MENAGE: Soldier And Ballerina (Military Stepbrother Suspense) (Romance Contemporary Short Stories)

Heat up your library with this exciting love story!

On leave and suffering from PTSD, Navy SEAL veteran Jason has retreated to a small town where he can fight and drink his demons away. He hasn’t spoken to his step-sister Emma in many years so he is surprised when he receives a phone call from her asking if she could stay for a few days while her ballet tour performs in the town.

Can Emma help Jason find the light inside himself again? And whilst doing so will they acknowledge the passion growing between them?

Plus a special steamy bonus is waiting for you after the main story!

This book is intended for adult readers only.


Wrecked (Blind Man’s Alibi)

She was destined to show him the joy and pain of living.

Joe Campbell has it all: money, success, and fame. As lead singer of alternative rock band Blind Man’s Alibi, he holds the vague conviction that life on the road, and nights filled with meaningless sexual encounters, is enough. Until her – Emma Travers. She is a breath of fresh air. Sunshine to his darkness. The one who changes him, pushes him, and teaches him to truly live. He never imagines she is hiding a devastating secret. Or that the same emotion that could steal his heart, would ultimately break it.

Reader Advisory: This story contains adult content (18+). Dirty-Talking Hero:Got one of those! Hot Sex: Yes! Profanity: Hell yes! Alcohol: That, too!

GENRE: Dramatic Love Story
LENGTH: Novel – 100,000 words

List Price: $ 14.99

Price: $ 10.99

EROTICA: TABOO: His Little Present (Billionaire Older Man Younger Woman Romance) (Part Book 1) Reviews

EROTICA: TABOO: His Little Present (Billionaire Older Man Younger Woman Romance) (Part Book 1)

A 3rd-year college student found herself in huge debt with no way to go around it despite her 2 part time jobs. Luckily, the mysterious handsome gentleman overheard her consultant to her best friend over the coffee and had offered her an undeniable proposal.

“Miss, I can’t help but overhear you. I might be able to give you a job, but it’s of a confidential nature. The pay would be enough to render your other jobs unnecessary. If you’re interested, call this number and set an appointment.”

Far too good to be true, Kimberly had fallen into the irresistibly attractive stranger. Where would he take her? What did he want in exchange of his generosity?

Fantasy, younger woman older man romance, billionaire romance short stories, taboo brats stories


Mail Order Bride: Down And Dirty With A Billionaire Cowboy


When Sara-May Sutherland falls pregnant with her lover’s child out of wedlock, her father – a small town sheriff- is less than pleased.

After the child’s birth when he discovers that the same man is responsible for a string of bank robberies throughout Montana, he is determined to see him hanged.

Jim Carson has convinced Sara-May of his innocence and she’s determined to prove it., no matter what the cost…


Serving the Futa: Historical Futanari Romance Erotica

Serving the Futa: Historical Futanari Romance Erotica

Beautiful, French, 18-year-old Lucille lives on the filthy streets of nineteenth-century Paris, trying to earn an honest living on a bustling marketplace.

When a majestic gentlewoman takes an interest in her, and transports her to the luxurious Palace of Versailles, Lucille is shocked and amazed by what strange curiosities await her there.

Having previously found men a little too gruff, and women a little too prim, Lucille is delighted when she discovers that the Queen has a little bit of everything that she wants… and she is very lucky indeed when the Queen gives it to her… hard and without protection.

Contains very explicit scenes. For discerning readers only!


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EROTICA: MENAGE EROTICA COLLECTION: Taboo Encounters (CEO Billionaire Menage Romance Collection) (New Adult Erotic Romance Short Stories)

EROTICA: MENAGE EROTICA COLLECTION: Taboo Encounters (CEO Billionaire Menage Romance Collection) (New Adult Erotic Romance Short Stories)

“Everyone’s kindle romance library needs this collection”

Menage, menage, menage. And more menage.

Four steamy stories to satisfy your menage desires.

1. The Rancher’s Lake House

2. Adam’s Vineyard

3. Passion Club

4. Passion Club: Sultry Summer Nights

BONUS: Stepbrother Romance Story!

warning: these stories are steamy hot and intended for readers 18+


EROTICA: 10 GROUP MMF FIRST TIME TABOO BRAT SEX STORIES (MEGA COLLECTION BUNDLE: Man of the House, MFF, MMF, Alpha Men Gang, Menage Romance – BONUS FREE BOOK: Stepbrother Forbidden Romance)

10 dirty, dripping taboo tales! Plus free bonus! Get it while it lasts!

This EXCLUSIVE box set with 11 OVERSTUFFED stories will fulfill your darkest fantasies, guaranteed to get you dripping wet and leave you MASSIVELY satisfied! Watch these girls get filled up by multiple men (strangers AND steps!) at once!

Limited time sale. This offer won’t last forever, so click now before it’s gone!