Brazilian Lounge

November 9, 2017 XXXangel69 0

Brazilian Lounge VARIOS INTERPRETES BRAZILIAN LOUNGE It is impossible to deny the influence that Brazil has on today’s global culture. From music and film to fashion and dance, Brazil has become one of the world’s most important resources of popular art and entertainment. Brazilian Lounge is a collection featuring the sultry voices and urban grooves of many of Brazil’s finest contemporary musicians. Brazilian Lounge will take the listener to the contemporary bars and lounges of Rio and Sao Paulo, where a new generation of musicians is reinvigorating the classic sounds of samba and bossa nova.Tri-lingual liner notes include a recipe […]

Vol. 1-Lyricist Lounge

October 22, 2017 XXXangel69 0

Vol. 1-Lyricist Lounge New York City’s Lyricist Lounge parties are to hip-hop what the Apollo Theater was to soul: the place where young, hungry talent goes to be discovered. This double-disc set features some of the best and hungriest young rappers of 1998, along with some old-timers and ringers–KRS-One, sure, but Rage Against the Machine’s Zack De La Rocha?–coming along to egg on the kids and preserve their cred. The hit is Mos Def’s “Body Rock,” with Q-Tip doing his best Urkel act; elsewhere, there’s a lot of Wu worship. But the acts that have the most to prove–Jurassic 5 […]

Live Lounge 3

September 16, 2017 XXXangel69 2

Live Lounge 3 2008 two CD set, the third installment in this popular series of compilations that lifts tracks from the popular BBC Radio One show Live Lounge. Volume Three promises to be even stronger than the first two and will build on the success, and the word-of-mouth from the first Live Lounge collections. The album is made up of tracks from Jo Whiley’s lunchtime show (five million listeners) where bands performed their own track, or a cover version. The tracks are live and stripped down, showing the true quality of the musicianship and craft of the song. The album […]

Rolling Stones – Voodoo Lounge

August 29, 2017 XXXangel69 3

Rolling Stones – Voodoo Lounge DVD, rockin roll, vintage The world’s greatest rock and roll band continues to reach new heights–1994’s phenomenally successful “Voodoo Lounge” tour was the highest grossing of all time. This groundbreaking concert, featuring guest appearances by Bo Diddley and Robert Cray, is a must-have for every fan’s collection. Songs: Not Fade Away, Tumbling Dice, You Got Me Rocking, (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction, Angie, Sweet Virginia, It’s All Over Now, Stop Breaking Down, Who Do You Love, Miss You, Honky Tonk Women, The Worst, Sympathy for the Devil, Start Me Up, It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll, […]

Lounge Against The Machine

August 11, 2017 XXXangel69 6

Lounge Against The Machine d__k’S DEBUT CD!(2000) d__k’s first CD documents the debut of the legend of lounge, with 16 swingin’ cover…see site for more info.On Lounge Against the Machine, alt-rock hits get the Vegas treatment way before their time. Vocalist Richard Cheese and his piano trio really know how to warp a song. Rage Against the Machine’s “Guerilla Radio” sounds smooth as silk, if incredibly schmaltzy, in the hands of this wayward lounge act. The Dead Kennedys’ “Holiday in Cambodia” gets completely defanged in Cheese’s rendition. And it’s definitely strange to hear the rage drained out of Nirvana’s “Rape […]

Best of Lounge

July 24, 2017 XXXangel69 0

Best of Lounge VARIOS INTERPRETES THE EBST LOUNGE – BUDDHA LOUNGE VARIOS INTERPRETES THE EBST LOUNGE – BUDDHA LOUNGE Average Price Online: $ 5.88 Comparison Priced From: : $ 5.88 Find More Lounge Products

Chillout Lounge

June 18, 2017 XXXangel69 3

Chillout Lounge A Downtempo instrumental chillout mix produced by Grammy Award-nominated Composer, David Areknstone. Average Price Online: $ 7.77 Comparison Priced From: : $ 7.77 More Lounge Products

Armada Lounge 7

April 25, 2017 XXXangel69 0

Armada Lounge 7 This is Armada Lounge Volume 7. Forty tunes of staggering beauty and significant musical skill – at times poetic, and at times as careless as an island breeze. The compilation’s opener ‘Tomorrow’ from Winter Kills (presented by Josh Gabriel featuring vocalist Meredith Call) is likely one of the best opening songs of recent memory, setting a tone that should have been impossible to top. Despite the unreachable standard, Tenishia’s chill out remix of ‘Point of No Return’ and Zetandel (remixing Armin van Buuren’s ‘Waiting for the Night’) prove to be more than up to the task – […]

OM Lounge, Vol 3

March 20, 2017 XXXangel69 0

OM Lounge, Vol 3 Electronica. Features Kevin Yost, Fila Brazilia, DJ Allstar, Herbert, People Under The Stairs, King Kooba & Andy Coldwell.Tranquil, jazzy atmospherics rule on Om Lounge 3. Funk, bossa nova, reggae, and other rhythms can be found here, but all of the grooves are about keeping it mellow. Wordless female vocalizing, warm keyboard tones, and Latin percussion appear again and again on this seamless compilation. The disc, which has its ups and downs, is sometimes marred by truly bland mood music and trite world-music ornaments. On the other hand, the Verbrilli Sound’s “Cansada,” with its nice synth purr […]

Keep Calm & Ultra Lounge

March 2, 2017 XXXangel69 0

Keep Calm & Ultra Lounge VARIOS INTERPRETES KEEP CALM & ULTRA LOUNGE (2CD) Lounge is an ambient and elegant sound, which manages to paint a place with luxury time and again; a place to discover unforgettable moments. To select the material for a particular situation is no easy task, and the Keep Calm collection has managed just that Average Price Online: $ 8.48 Comparison Priced From: : $ 8.48 Second Hand Smoke Big Kahuna Records Second Hand Smoke by Chaise Lounge This product is manufactured on demand using CD-R recordable media.’s standard return policy will apply. Average Price Online: […]